Photographer 10Broadcast Technician 23Cosmetologist 18Florist 8Journalist 8Visual Artist 5Dancer and Choreographer 2Fashion Designer 2Musical Instrument Repairer & Tuner 9Musician 5Public Relations Specialist 6Actor, Director, and Producer 3

Entire Set of 12 Arts & Communications Relation Career DVDs

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Titles include:

1.   Photographer
2.   Broadcast Technician
3.   Cosmetologist
4.   Florist
5.   Journalist
6.   Visual Artist
7.   Dancer and Choreographer
8.   Fashion Designer
9.   Musical Instrumental Repairer & Turner
10. Musician
11. Public Relations Specialist
12. Actor, Director and Producer

Click to the left to see images from the video programs, and click below to see a Short Sample Video from Cosmetologist.

Product Description

This BEST BUY DVD series includes all 12 career video titles from the Arts & Communications Career Pathways..

Each of the videos include the Nature of Work, Working Conditions, Employment, Training, Job Outlook, and Earnings on each of the careers.

Students will also view actual work sites and hear a testimonial given by someone working in each of the 12 career fields.

Each video includes reproducible informational handouts.

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