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Career Awareness Products

Career Pathways is a complete line of career awareness products and exploration tools, designed to motivate middle school and high school students to explore the many career options available to them.

We believe the more in tune the student becomes with their career choices; the more they will want to explore.

Our career awareness videos, DVDs, and posters have been seen in thousands of career labs in, middle schools, high schools, adult education, and adult and juvenile correction programs. DVD’s captures student’s interest immediately and keeps it. Use in guidance offices, career labs, libraries, correctional centers, and as a great enhancement to any state career information system. Contact Technimedia Marketing LLC today.

About Technimedia Marketing, LLC

As a company who has focused on marketing and creating impressive career exploration resources that work, Career Pathways fully understands that uninformed decisions can hinder professional progress. That is why we make sure our products contain only the most up-to-date, quality data that works perfectly for amplifying decision-making skills. Privately owned and operated, our organization not only aims to better people’s futures but also to make a positive impact on the overall life satisfaction of all who find benefit in our materials.

Technimedia Marketing, LLC
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Career Awareness Products