New Career Awareness DVDs for Students

These 19 high quality interactive Career Pathways DVDs include over 115 careers. Each career includes:

Career Pathways CD-ROM's


Build your own Career Pathways Library to suit your needs or purchase the entire set..

Each DVD includes: Pre/Post Tests, Lesson Guide , and Activity Worksheets

Students will be taken on a tour of the careers highlighted in each of the cluster DVDs. Not only will the student see actual work sites and receive valuable information about each of the careers, they will also hear real-life testimonials from people who are experienced in that field.

Entire Set of 19 Career Pathways DVDs

Enthusiastic Hosts

Every Pathway is hosted by young adults who appeal to students at a level they understand and enjoy.

Real - Life Testimonials

In addition to detailed information provided for each highlighted career, students watch testimonials from people who actually work in the field.

These DVDs are never outdated as all statistics are given in ranges with instructions to consult with the internet and/or the students guidance couselor, and the Occupational Outlook Handbook to receive the most up-to-date information on the Employment, Job Outlook, and Earnings of each career.


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Interactive Career Awareness DVD Series

Career Awareness DVDs for Students