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Career Pathways: Beginning The Journey

Making plans about their future can be a tough decision for today's students, but deciding on a career path can help them start early on their journey toward a successful and rewarding future. Designed for adults,this productinforms and educates parents, teachers, counselors, business and industry about the importance of career exploration. It emphasizes the need for choosing a Career Pathway and explains how this concept is beneficial to students, business and industry. It also highlights what a Career Pathway is and what types of careers fall under each path. Comes complete with reproducible information sheets.

Career Pathways: What's at the End of Your Path?

The transition from school to work can be a difficult task for students, but deciding on a career path early can save them both time and money. This powerful, fast-paced, contemporary product is designed to inform, educate and encourage junior high and high school students about the importance of selecting a Career Pathway. It emphasizes the need for career exploration and highlights several Career Pathways providing students with areas of focus as they begin to make their critical career decisions. Includes reproducible student worksheets.

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