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Arts & Communications Related Occupations DVD – Volume 1

This 40 minute DVD video will help students explore the careers in Arts & Communications Related Occupations. It will provide them with vital information such as:  Nature of Work, Working Conditions, Employment, Education, Earnings, and Job Outlook. Students will view actual work sites and hear a testimonial given by someone working in the field of Arts & Communications Related Occupations.

Package includes: DVD, Teachers Guide, Lesson Plan, Activity Worksheet and Pre/Post Test.

Volume 1
Broadcast Technician
Visual Artist

Play the Introduction Video Sample Below

Below are Interactive DVD Screen Shots.  The user clicks on the the video icon to open up a full screen video.                 

            Main Menu                                   Introduction Menu                          Careers Menu                              Conclusion Menu

Arts 1 Main Menu  Arts 1 Intro Menu   Arts 1 Careers Menu Arts 1 Conclusion Menu

Here’s a just a few scenes from Arts & Communications Related Occupations DVD Volume 1

Broadcast Technician 30 Broadcast Technician 11 Cosmetologist 8 Cosmetologist 12 Florist 2 Florist 8 Journalist 7 Journalist 10 Photographer 2             Photographer 5 Visual Artist 1 Visual Artist 5   


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