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Engineering Related Occupations DVD – Volume 2

This 49 minute DVD video will help students explore the careers in Engineering Related Occupations. It will provide them with vital information such as:  Nature of Work, Working Conditions, Employment, Education, Earnings, and Job Outlook. Students will view actual work sites and hear a testimonial given by someone working in the field of Engineering Related Occupations.

Package includes: DVD, Teachers Guide, Lesson Plan, Activity Worksheet and Pre/Post Test.

Highlighted Careers

Volume 2
Aerospace Engineer
Civil Engineer
Mechanical Engineer
Mining Engineer
Nuclear Engineer
Petroleum Engineer

View the Sample Introduction Video

Below are Interactive DVD Screen Shots.

The user clicks on the the video icon to open up a full screen video.

           Main Menu                                     Introduction Menu                         Careers Menu                        Conclusion Menu

Engineering 2 - 1 Main Menu Engineering 2 - 2 Intro Menu Engineering 2 - 3 Careers Menu Engineering 2 - 4 Conclusion Menu

Here’s a just a few scenes from Engineering Related Occupations Volume 2 DVD

aerospaceSpaceDefense (2) Areospace Engineer 17 Civil Engineer 2 Civil Engineer 8 Civil Engineer 13Mechanical Engineer 20 Mechanical Engineer 10 Mining Engineer 17 Mining Engineer 18 Mining Engineer 4 Nuclear Engineer 1 Nuclear Engineer 3 Petroleum Engineer 1 Petroleum Engineer 4


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