Whatsoever, being “in love” using this technical Deity raises you

Whatsoever, being “in love” using this technical Deity raises you

The good thing was, your Technical Girl make yourself top. You may be not only a guy who has a little uncomfortable around ladies, a man whom has never got much sense with regards to adult dating. Now you may be men into an enthusiastic holy journey! You’re out over mastered the fresh unconquerable and stay the main one in order to boldly wade in which not one person went before and acquire the brand new magic so you’re able to the woman heart. Worshiping their, orbiting around the girl such a trapped asteroid, the latest tortured evening alone on the place sobbing brand new manly rips of unrequited like… talking about every part of the impressive tale of you.

“Get real. don’t you need certainly to conserve me personally? You are my Dirk the Adventurous and you will I am going to be your own Little princess Daphne.”

The woman is Not One.

The brand new Geek Woman which you have come speaking of, the only your inform your members of the family is you would like, usually the one you assert that is the just one you can date… she is maybe not someone to your. Not even. She is a beneficial fetish, an item. The newest obsessive passion for the brand new Nerd Girl isn’t really, within it’s legs, people distinctive from that have an effective fetish to have Asians otherwise Latinas or African-People in the us. She isn’t a woman now, the woman is new amazing almost every other.

Of the raising the lady toward standing out of Goddess you could think you’re purchasing the woman the greatest fit when rather anything you do try denying this lady her very own personhood. A girl who is a geek are a woman with the defects and flaws that include being individual. This new Nerd Girl is a woman-designed distinctive line of ideas, stereotypes and you may idealized hopes and dreams on which you want within the a female… top nude snapchat simply as opposed to most of the downsides to be a bona fide person. This lady has a lives and you can interests, desires and you may experience. The fresh Technical Girl is set by a couple of things: the girl status while the a nerd by the person who enjoys the woman.

The fresh Geek Lady is, in the long run, about he. The purpose of the Technical Girl is actually in the course of time, to help you confirm the mans life and you may hobbies. When it is the wonderful pinnacle away from womanhood and you will a nerd, she affirms one to – even after society’s prejudicies – that he is, in fact, chill for being a nerd. She retroactively turns all scorn and you can embarrassment he encountered in order to have interests beyond your main-stream on the products one to beset the fresh new righteous guy from the unaware have been jealous off their specialness. She does away with need certainly to grow outside his rut while the she offers them just. And because the woman is very pure, therefore perfect, she turns him regarding being a good castigated loser so you can a good gallant lover, men that has specialness acquired the heart of one’s Deity.

Fundamentally, the latest Nerd Lady ‘s the support celebrity regarding the movie that ‘s the geek guy’s lives. He could be the sunlight you to definitely the girl life orbits to.

The newest fetishization of your own Nerd Girl was, within it is key, good sexist ideal cloaked about flaccid tyranny of “worship” and you can fantasy

And finally, if the guy has the ability to find it Nerd Lady, it geek Goddess? The guy does not want the girl.

Y’see, anyway of that time and energy strengthening the latest Nerd Woman to the a perfect becoming, he’s got completely neglected each of the woman flaws. He could be psychologically airbrushed away every parts of this lady one he just doesn’t want observe. He is pretty sure themselves that he’s crazy about an impossible fantasy, something zero girl you can expect to actually ever be in real-world. When fact will come crashing from inside the, because it usually do, brand new fantasy try shattered and this best Geek Woman is found to-be disappointingly person. Instantly they are exposed to the fact that he had been never in the like with her given that one, only an excellent one to just actually ever existed in the lead and the guy do the only thing they can do: he operates away from the truth and you may extends back so you can appearing having his dream, disregarding the pain and insult he could be abandoned.

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