Among big misunderstandings regarding Poland would be the fact it’s an Eastern European country also Ukraine and you can Belarus

Among big misunderstandings regarding Poland would be the fact it’s an Eastern European country also Ukraine and you can Belarus

If you find yourself Poland might have been the nation I happened to be pretty curious about, their more east and “rawer” residents (Ukraine and you will Russia) constantly appealed to me more any Central European country actually you will definitely.

This is because given that a guy who had been created in the Ukraine and exactly who talks proficient Russian, it produced absolutely nothing experience for me to invest a lot of time inside the places in which I didn’t enjoys such as a decisive advantage on most other people.

Still, whether or not Ukrainian women and Russian ladies are feminine and you will horny, the ceaseless materialism and transactional-established relationships has over time worn me personally off making me crave one thing significantly more West. I am not talking about one thing as drastic because the American otherwise British or some thing, but simply more Western than I became speaing frankly about.

While I’ve only spent several weeks in Poland, one of my good friends, Ian, who’s from the UK, has spent a lot of time in Poland, ravaging courting the women in the best ways he knows.

The next article is actually submitted by my buddy Ian, an united kingdom man that has been living in Poland on earlier in the day several years.


That’s what loads of my friends inside England envision. The truth, not, is the fact Poland is truly in Central European countries also places such as for example Hungary and also the Czech Republic. Immediately after, you go to Poland, you will understand as to the reasons.

To start with, Poland is significantly machine and better kept than simply nearby Ukraine and you can Belarus. The cities be much more arranged and you can some thing functions definitely better compared to Eastern Europe eg Romania and also Bulgaria. And, unlike Ukraine and you can Belarus, Poland is within the Eu, which claims much regarding nation’s advancement. There is a reason why a lot of Ukrainians and you can Russians choose proceed to Poland and you will supplement lives such around.


Naturally, Gloss anybody chat Shine, a Slavic vocabulary that’s very similar to Ukrainian and you can Russian (even more similar to the former than the latter). If you talk Russian (We chat some time) or Ukrainian, you need to at the very least manage to browse the signs and make some of your own terms. Ukrainians exactly who immigrate so you can Poland said that it takes them at the most ninety days to acquire conversational from the language.

I suggest discovering Polish when you’re somebody that major together with your motives in the country, especially if you intend to arrange a base and become long-label. It can without a doubt build consolidation much easier as well as improve your potential on the females. With said, speaking Shine is via zero form a necessity because so many more youthful Polish people speak particular English (in the place of inside Ukraine and Russia).

The ladies

This “non-Eastern Western european status” of course sells by itself toward female. I think, Gloss women are nearly East Western european not it really is Eastern Western european. In the event these are generally Slavic through and through, they don’t have the same super-feminine charm and you will gender focus compared to Ukrainian or Russian women.

I’d say that Polish women can be nearly once the glamorous while the Ukrainian female. The reason We say simply because I look at Ukrainian females as practical in terms of greatest femininity and you will appeal. In the event Shine female have nice faces, it use up all your a small amount of you to definitely “modelesque” search which is quite common having Ukrainian and you will Russian.

Once you see a beneficial Ukrainian girl, the latest immediate response you have got was, “wow, as to why is not their a design?” but if you come across a polish girl, your effect try, “okay, this woman is kinda sexy.” Months. Without any model part.

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