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PASCALE BAERISWYL (Switzerland) said the Emergency Relief Coordinator’s remarks underscore the magnitude of the humanitarian crisis emanating from the conflict in Ukraine, as well as serious violations of international law and a heavy toll on civilians. She reiterated calls on Moscow to immediately de-escalate, cease all combat operations and withdraw its troops from the entire Ukrainian territory without delay. Those responsible for the aggression and all crimes committed must also be brought to justice, she said, while pledging Switzerland’s support to the affected population. Her country is delivering winterization aid and supports efforts to move forward with reconstruction efforts, in line with the Lugano Principles, she said.

Worldwide humanitarian and you may individual legal rights law should always getting acknowledged, she troubled, incorporating one Switzerland is very dismayed because of the Russian Federation’s indiscriminate symptoms to your opportunity structure in the course of cold temperatures

HAROLD ADLAI AGYEMAN (Ghana) said that peace efforts in Ukraine must be “anchored on the realities of the millions of Ukrainians impacted by the war”, reiterating that the warring parties are obliged to preserve lives and uphold human dignity “amidst the irrationality of war”. He urged all parties to grant unimpeded humanitarian access and refrain from further targeted missile attacks on residential facilities, energy installations and other civilian infrastructure. He went on to stress that the impact of violent conflicts on children is “an indictment on the promise of the United Nations to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war”. The future of Ukraine’s children is dependent on the actions the Council takes today, and that organ must spare no effort to end the war and restore the promise of a peaceful tomorrow. Reiterating his country’s call for the Russian Federation to immediately and unconditionally withdraw its forces from Ukraine’s internationally recognized borders, he also urged Moscow to conform its actions to the principles of international law and the core values of the Charter of the United Nations.

Towards the account out-of terrible violations regarding around the globe individual liberties legislation – along with dispute-associated sexual punishment, human trafficking, filtration processes, torture and realization killings – the guy said that liability need to be dependent through the comprehensive, clear and you may separate studies of all claims

DMITRY A. POLYANSKIY (Russian Federation), noting that Western colleagues have presented his country’s actions in Ukraine in the worst possible light, said painting such a black-and-white picture is getting difficult because it is increasingly clear that Ukrainian civilians would have long stopped suffering if the Kyiv regime and its Western masters wanted peace. Washington, D.C., and London prevented the Ukrainians from establishing realistic conditions for peace, he said, adding that efforts to find peace would have been more successful if Ukrainian nationalists and Nazis had not violated international humanitarian law using their own civilians as human shields. The Ukrainian army committed crimes against the inhabitants of Donbass and other territories that became part of his country following the referendum in erican multiple rocket launcher was used to deliberately target a hospital, killing 14 people, he said, there was no reaction to that crime from Western countries. Noting various artillery strikes by the Kyiv regime, he said the Ukrainian army is deliberately striking not only civilian infrastructure, but also infrastructure that ensures the well-being of children. His country regularly sends data to the Office of the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Children and Armed Conflict, he said, condemning the lack of reaction by the United States and other North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) countries, who are providing long-range artillery and missile systems to Ukraine.

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